How to add Markvis to Joplin in macOS


I just recently installed Joplin since I was looking for an open source alternative for Notion. I like it so far, but after seeing that there are Plug-ins and I found the 'PlantUML' Plugin I looked for another Plugin to make it possible to create diagramms (like actual X/Y ones, not flow or class digramms) and found: Markvis - make visualization in markdown
It seems to be exactly what Im looking for but i have no Idea how to get it into Joplin - at all.

Joplin Version: Joplin 2.0.11
OS: MacOS 11.4

I get that on the page I linked, the first thing listed is "Install" and "Usage", but I have no idea what to do with that - at all. I tried entering the 'yarn add markvis --save' in my macOS terminal with the obvious result that the command is not known.

So how do I get this plugin installed into the App?
To give you a gist of my technical abilities: I can follow instructions and most of the time find stuff googling and I can even follow that. I just need pretty clear steps be step instructions. Im also completely new to anything Open source and Joplin specifically and have no software development knowledge - but I know 3 commands for the macOS Terminal: cd, ls and root.

Im also reading something about a 'node Environment' on the Markvis-Webpage, so please tell me I dont need to setup some form of server for this to work.

Thanks for the help!

PS: I tried looking for general steps on how to implement Plug-ins (other than the ones you can find in the Apps preferences), but I could only find information on how to start developing ones. Is there some general documentation on this or not?

There's also Mermaid included in Joplin.

If you need Markvis, you will have to create a plugin.

I found that too but from what I can tell it "only" does what PlantUML does, but not what I want. I want to be able to make diagramms like you could do with excel (clomuns/lines).
X1 = Y1
X2 = Y2 etc.

If I have to built this myself Im lost. So would you know an alternative that would be able to that inside of Joplin? (or another Open source Note taking App for that matter)

I don't, but hopefully someone on this forum does. Sorry that I can't be of more help.

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