How how to add flags?

How to add flags of other countries to the existing list instead of letters?

Windows don't want to support pretty flag Emojis anymore and instead uses the two-letter country codes only. That's what you are seeing in the image.
Chrome only supports those two-letter country codes, too. Last time I checked, Firefox supported pretty flags, but could be an old information.

I can't say for sure why those pretty flags aren't supported anymore, but it could be the that in the past some flags where heavy discussed because of "Too old", "Needs a renewal", "Not supported anymore", "Where is our flag", "We don't use this flag"... and so on.
But the biggest fact could be, that some two-letter country codes uses more then one country flag. So, which flag should then be used? Fastes way: Don't show them anymore :wink:

Search for nice flags in image form in the web and use the "Select file..." Button to show nice looking images.

Edit: Added solution

Thanks for the quick response!
Where are situated these icons of flags? Can I change some of them for more actual?

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