How do you organize your notes, notebooks, tags in Joplin?

I don't use notebooks at all. Even more, I don't use notelists.

My Joplin UI view haves only two areas, which are outline and markdown editor.

When I have a new thought and want to put it into my knowledge base, I just open Joplin by my shortcut, and cmd+n to create a new one then start writing.

After all things I want to record have been put into the note, I put tags to the note by the Inline tag plugin. And This allows me to use the Graph plugin to act like somewhat of notebook or contents page.

I rarely bother to organize notes, like which notes belong to which notebook.

And I use only keyboard in this process.

Thanks for updating this. I am currently using Scrivener with a very similar folder setup (based on a combination of Snowflake, K.M. Weiland (who dived down deep into many of the original sources used by the Snowflake method, particularly the approach made by Dwight V. Swain)). So, I have come back to Joplin after an 18 month period, and now find many plugins that could perhaps eliminate the need for Scrivener. Also, an export of a Joplin Notebook and its markdown files can then easily be processed via pandoc directly, or else piped into LibreOffice Writer and then converted from there to PDF and to ePub. Also, the outlining part can be handsomely undertaken by the setup you are showing here (similar to K.M. Weiland Scrivener 2 template). Anyway, interested in knowing whether you and others here on the forum might be interested in how Joplin could become the new Scrivener etc. I would be happy to work with others who are looking to do the same with their novel, or technical etc. writing projects.

Most of my notebooks are pretty loosy goosy and I add as I need, is a notebook getting a bit full and there's a really obvious division? Time to spin up some subnotebooks :ok_hand:

By far the most complex system is the one I use for keeping my personal and professional journals in, I go into detail here: Anyone use Joplin for journaling? - #18 by Imperial_Squid

Long story short though notebooks for each (ie one personal, one profesh), notes for months, headers for days (though my personal notes are getting a bit long so I'm considering moving to notebooks for months and notes for days but I need a good way to automate that) also have some tricks to auto generate the headers and some naming tricks to make sorting flow better :grin::sunglasses:

My BrainDump in Joplin Notes goes below as main titles, each title has their own subtitles in a recursive manner.

  • TODO
  • Audit
  • CrossPlatform
  • DataProtection
  • Development
  • Hardware
  • Job
  • Money
  • Projects
  • Sizing
  • Storage
  • Symbols
  • Troubleshoot
  • Virtualization
  • Windows
  • WorkPlaces
    • Now
    • OLD

All tips here are interesting... Did anyone found a logical way to track tasks on time, but NOT through giving each task a reminder??