How do I save my exported JEX file?

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I want to export all my notes to my new phone, but I can't find the exported JEX file anywhere on my device, so I guess it just doesn't save it? Why can I not download my own file to my device? I can share it through E-mail apps and Drive, but I don't want to do that, I just want to save it to a normal file so I can transfer it to my desktop through cable.
I know there's no feature to import on Android yet, but I'll solve that problem later, for now I just want to export.
And if it does get saved to my device but I just can't find it... where?

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I too would be interested in where the JEX file is saved. I looked through my tablet after doing an export and can't see anything that might be the exported data.

If I'm reading the code correctly the JEX is stored in the app cache dir which isn't accessible with root. Seems like a bug to me.

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If there was an option to import it there might be a place for it as a backup method no matter where it was located but without an import, the export isn't all that useful as it stands. Perhaps it's there for future enhancements?

I think it's been added recently

I'm not sure actually if it'd let you import previously exported notes.

You could do a File System Sync to a new folder on your phone. It'll be full of .md files.
Copy that off your phone, move to a new directory on the new phone.

On the new phone, install Joplin and configure it to do a File System Sync and point to the directory.


JEX export on mobile was originally intended as an emergency way to get notes off a device if the sync target is corrupted. It focused on iOS because the previous ways of saving notes to the file system — file system sync and the "export profile for debugging" option — are both Android-only (see this GitHub issue)).

It currently uses the share sheet because that works on iOS (on iOS, the share sheet also includes a "save to files" option). The save-to-file logic used by the export profile and some of the Android-only settings items does not.

Here are two ways this could be fixed:

  1. When exporting to JEX, show a share sheet on iOS. On Android, ask where to save the file.
  2. On Android, show a menu asking whether the exported JEX file should be saved to files or shared.
    • This menu could also be re-used for the log screen, which has a similar issue with its "Share" button on Android.