How do I go about securing Joplin portable on a usb drive?

Hi, I'm having problems with my desktop (bsod boot loops etc) and don't want my personal notebooks on the main drive in case I need to send it for repair. I decided to use a flash drive but I'm worried about losing it. If you know any tool that encrypts the drive and doesn't interfere with syncing webclipping and other functions of Joplin and let me know, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

You could store Joplin Portable and your note data in an encrypted Veracrypt volume on the USB drive.

I have also found Datashur drives to be very good. The encryption is done on the device itself. You do not need any decrypt / mounting utility on the computer. You enter the password to unlock it and then plug it in. The host computer does not even know that the drive is actually encrypted. When you eject and remove the drive it is fully encrypted as well as built to be tamper-proof. They are not cheap for their capacity but it just depends on how much your data is worth to you as to whether it is worth buying one.


@zen-quo - I use Joplin Portable on a USB drive which is encrypted by Veracrypt. It works like a charm for two years now.

@dpoulton: That is a very interesting product. Thank you for that link and info!

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For what it's worth, I also recommend veracrypt. Looks like you're using windows, and I don't know what FS you could use otherwise. veracrypt also has the advantage of being accessible on multiple platforms

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