How do I get them back?


How do I get the welcome to Joplin and all info pages about how to do in Joplin, how do I get them back after an acciddental delete?

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i understand you mean the notes, that are included, when installing joplin?
if yes,you could

  1. export all your notes as a jex-file
  2. delete the joplin app
  3. instal joplin again as new ( the notes, you are missing will be available with the fresh setup)
  4. import your notes from your jex-archive.
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If you want a simple reference, you may look it up here

Additionally there's lots of info at What is Joplin? | Joplin

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Whats a JEX-file and how do I create one?
Can I then move all notes included in Joplin to another notebook?


Can I copy them and save them in a notebook I create in Joplin?


A way to get the "Welcome" notes back without exporting everything and reinstalling is to fully shut down Joplin, rename the data folder (.config\joplin-desktop) to something like .config\joplin-desktopx and then restart Joplin. Joplin will open as if new and just installed, with just the Welcome notes which can then be exported. You can then fully shut down Joplin again, delete the newly created joplin-desktop folder and then rename your first copy from joplin-desktopx back to joplin-desktop. Then when you restart Joplin it will be back with all your notes.

Alternatively, if tampering with your data files is a bit daunting, I have just done this for you and attached is a JEX export of just the Welcome notes. Use File > Import > JEX - Joplin export file to get them back into Joplin. They will appear in Joplin in a notebook called "Welcome". You can move them / edit them just like any other notes.

Welcome.jex (479.5 KB)

A JEX file is a Joplin EXport File. It is a copy of all your notes and attachments (not your note history) and it is advised to make such a copy every so often as a backup. Speaking of backups, the Simple Backup plugin will automate this for you and Joplin will make regular backups of your notes and some of your setup files.



I found them all in github and have downloaded them from ther to Joblin.