How can I synchronize changes in attachments between devices?

Text translated from my language using Google Translate. Sorry for mistakes.

Some data is conveniently stored in tables. The tables in markdown are terrible and I want to use Microsoft Excel or Libreoffice calc. But the .xlsx or .ods files (even .jpg and .pdf) added to the note retain their original state and if I change the .xlsx file on my PC these changes will never be synchronized with other devices.

If I want to batch optimize the size of PDF or JPG files, Joplin will also ignore these changes in resources and will not synchronize. Images saved as a note using Joplin Web Clipper are almost always too large, but I can’t automatically change them in the resource folder, I need to save them from Joplin, change, delete the image that I inserted into the Web Clipper note and replace it with an optimized image .

To synchronize the directory with resources, I seem to need to use rclone, but then Joplin encryption is completely useless and you can turn it off.

As for me, the ability of Joplin to synchronize changes in attachments, even by the date of change, makes its use extremely doubtful.

I read a similar question on GitHub Joplin, but it seems that in a year and a half this basic functionality of the notebook was never implemented. Or am I missing something?

How do other people solve this problem?


You and I have encountered the same problem, there is no solution at the moment, I can only hope that the development can solve the problem of attachment synchronization

The biggest problem with modifying attachments is conflicts. What do you do when an attachment is modified on multiple devices.

The new attachment can cover the old attachment, according to the modification time.

Text translated from my language using Google Translate. Sorry for mistakes.

I wanted to somehow implement the synchronization of attached files. I turned on Joplin synchronization with local storage, I wanted to copy the attached files to the .resource folder of the synchronization directory using rclone, but it turned out that resources on other devices were also downloaded only once, even from the synchronization directory. Joplin does not notice the change in resources even in the synchronization directory.

In general, I left the synchronization with encryption as is, through DropBox, but now I will backup the working directory with Joplin notebooks to another cloud via duplicati + rclone, and when I need up-to-date resources on another PC, I will restore them from backup.

Hopefully the synchronization of the attached files ever appears in Joplin.