How can i separate attachments to th subfolder in note's folder ,when i export to markdown?

when i use export to markdown, all attachments in one folder, this makes the md files I share not friendly to others.

how can i separate attachments to th subfolder in note's folder ,when i export to markdown?

Hello and welcome,

As far as I know, it is not possible at the moment. It would be a cool feature though: to export every note as a folder with its attachments and text inside.

i need it bro. my friends really hate md file from me

well, maybe they would like pdfs instead?

they use marktext or typora to edit md, just 3 use obsidian or notion

they need edit it

Not familliar with obsidian's reading the md files, but typora previews Joplin .md exports just fine, with attachments and everything. What's the problem again?

Notion on the other hand, definitely shot itself in the foot, by introducing the export to markdown/html but not being able to import it with attachments :laughing: Here, you gotta go a weird way and convert .md to .docx :exploding_head: (with pandoc or typora) and then import it.

They are more comfortable with attachments and md in the same directory, which makes it easier to organize notes.

For example, moving pictures in notes

I don't think there is a good way around it unless you write a script to move the files for you (which in theory shouldn't be too hard, the ![](../_resources/ resource tag would pretty easy to find within a note, grab the ID and move the file matching that ID).

Depending on just how many files you are moving then you could also just do it manually. If you are exporting one note at a time, just cut + paste the resources into the subfolder then edit the .md file and replace the extra hops in the resource link (i.e. use something like (and I apologise for awful and shoddy regex) (\.\.\/)+(_\w*\/) to delete this part (../../../_resources/) of the resource link).

it's just friendly to share, Considering that most people use editors that are not convenient for deleting images, such as typora

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