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[Feature Request] Place attachments in the same sub-folder when exporting

It would be great if we can export attachments in the same folder where their notes are located. Currently, when we export, it creates two different folders.

  • Notes - Contains the markdown files and sub-folders
  • Resources - Contains the attachments

I think it would be great if we can export notes/notebooks like this:

- main_folder
--- sub_folder_01
------ note_01.md
------ image_01.jpg
------ document_01.pdf
--- sub_folder_02
------ note_02.md
------ image_02.jpg
------ document_02.pdf
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I also really want to keep my notes content+attachment together, but in my case I dont use a resource twice.

Theoretically, is it possible to use a resource twice?
And when exporting, would the consequence be that a resource is exported multiple times in every folder containing a note?

I wouldnt mind perse, tho.

Personally, I think there should be a copy for each note. This way, even if we edit/tamper with the resource, other notes won't be affected.

The main downside to this is it will take up space. However, we can make use of prompts and linking for that.

If a user imports a resource that already exists in Joplin, the user will be shown a prompt. Something like this:

This resource already exists, please choose an option:
* Link the existing resource
* Import

If there are multiple same resource that exists in Joplin, the user should also be shown a picker to choose which one they want to refer to.