How can I modify font-size?

I can not modify the font size.I want to modify font size to 28px. How can I do it ? thank you.

did you try to change the font size of your OS just to see ?

There's an option to zoom the font, which might do what you're looking for.

sorry,I can not find the option. where is it?


Thank you very much ! ! !

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Nice, this also allowed me to change the font face.

You need to restart the app after changing the settings (at least on Linux).
Be careful though, increasing the zoom percentage will mess up with the UI at high levels. There is also no clamping so if you input a crazy value you will make the app unusable and it will be hard to go back to the options to fix it (but feasible).

I can change the font and font size of the editor font, it would be nice to be able to change that for the render font also, but keep the UI font as it is. The render font is too large, but the UI font is not, so the zoom option is useless for me.

Hi @varaljop You can completely customise the rendered note display (on desktop) using css.
Please take a look here for instructions

What you want is is probably something along the lines of

p {
    font-size: 20px;

replace 20px with whatever you want

Thanks, that was exactly what I needed!

I just installed Joplin on Debian Linux.

I do not seem to have a zoom option.

This is what I have:

Notes and settings are stored in: /home/myname/.config/joplin-desktop
Keyboard Mode
Date format
Time format
Show note counts
Text editor command
Text editor command
The editor command (may include arguments) that will be used to open a note. If none is provided it will try to auto-detect the default editor.
Page size for PDF export
Page orientation for PDF export

I do not have a userstyle.css or userchrome.css or any .css file in my ~/.config/joplin-desktop/

The path is there, but no .css files.

Did something go wrong in my install?

I just installed Joplin 1.0.175 on Debian Linux today.

If you refer to the readme, you'll see that you must create the file yourself :slight_smile: you can use any text editor of your choice, to change font size it should be as simple as creating a userstyle.css with the following contents

body {
    font-size: 1337px;
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For your information I previously asked about userchrome.css and was told that it is a feature available in v1.0.176 and above which are currently pre-release versions.

So as you are using the most current published release (1.0.175) userchrome.css is not going to be something you can use.

That one doesn’t work:

p {
    font-size: 20px;

That one works:

body {
    font-size: 1337px;

In general - it would be good to see some sample CSSs for fundamental changes, because now it’s really not obvious how to change the most basic things.


It's only recently that modifying the css has become really popular with users. Even so there's quite a bit in the forum already.

This post gives information on how to determine what the css element names are for what you want to change.

This post has more info and a link to @devonzuegel 's userstyle.css file which is a great example to learn from and adapt to your needs.

Keep an eye on this thread as useful snippets appear such as @memophen 's tip for changing the search highlight and marker colours.

and if you ceate something in css that you feel may benefit others, please share it so people who later come to the forum can search for "css" and get lots of useful information.

Thank you, great resources! Maybe we can link the tip and the “gallery” to docs?