How can I make the editor font bolder?


Is it possible to make the font a bit bolder? I use the dark theme and the characters are so tint they look very faint on my screen. I am wondering if I can make them look abit contrasty, I might be even ok with disabling antialiasing in Joplin (but not system wide).



I was thinking that as a “quick fix” you could possibly search for a heavier/bolder monospace font, install it and specify that under Editor font family in the Appearance settings?

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The easiest method is probably to increase font size, or as @dpoulton suggested you can change the font.

The more complete answer is that Joplin supports a userchrome.css thanks to the recent work of @devenzuegel . I think this can be used to make the editor text bold, but unfortunately I haven’t dug into it yet and don’t know exactly how that could be done.


Thanks, I now enbaled Bitstream Vera Sans but I feel like the editor scroll speed got a hit with the new font. Would such a hit happen due to font change?

I am not a dev so I cannot say if there may be circumstances where specifying a font may cause Joplin to work any harder at anything. However I have tried this on my machine using Source Code Pro and not noticed any sluggish editor behaviour.

Thanks I will try that one too.

Welcome, however Source Code Pro is not a bold font (but it seems that it may be an Adode font - are they any better?).

I do not use black / dark themes because I am old and prefer my notes / docs to look like ink on paper! Many things make me feel old but this need to have dark modes or themes has dated me the most, I just don't see the point :slight_smile: !!

Actually I found a bug with custom fonts and Vim mode.

I set the font to Bitstream Vera Sans and now the cursor stays far away from where it should be in Vim mode. See the image

When I edit, the cursor is still far away from the word ending but the new text is added to where it should be.

In the options where you choose an editor font it there’s a warning that you must use a monospace font. It looks like you’re not using a monospace font.

Unfortunately this is a known bug with the Joplin editor that likely won’t be fixed anytime soon. I would suggest switching to a monospaced font. It looks like Bitstream Vera Sans also comes in a Mono variant so that should be your best bet.

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Thanks, I will see whatelse is installed on my Linux system.

Try using Consolas Font Size at 18

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I don't know what OS you have so, I am going to keep this generic.
Open a word processor, for example, I opened Libreoffice. Click on the fonts dropdown to see what your system has available. I looked for something mono, but bolder. For example:
Source Code Pro Medium
Source Code Pro Semibold
Source Code Pro Black (which is really really BOLD)

I like DejaVu Sans Mono and Overpass Mono as well.

If nothing on your system interests you, check out for more fonts. Look at the "Classifications" on the right and click on "Monospaced". Download and install a font that interests you. is another good site. You will have to figure out how to install fonts on your system, but I (on linux) just download the zip file, move it to ~/.fonts/ Unzip it and then fc-cache -f -v to make the system aware of them. I am sure there is some more elegant want to manage fonts on a linux system, but ... that's what I know. :slight_smile:

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Hey @CalebJohn That CSS is great in theory, but … does anyone know of a way to figure out what tags and properties are used behind the scenes to render the editor and menu items? Otherwise, I am just guessing.

I'm not sure exactly (aside from looking at the source code) but @dpoulton had some instructions that I think are probably what you want.

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