Highlight the word "TODO" via a new setting


I'm using Joplin as my daily driver on notes and todo for now more than a year, exclusively in the standard text editor (no rich text editor, no preview, only "markdown code" like).

One feature we really like on some modern IDE or advanced writing software like N++, is the ability to highlight the word "TODO", without doing any search.
It's super practical to see in an instant where we should come back later to fix things (sentences, list, checkboxes, etc).

I suppose it could be toggled ON or OFF through a new settings, OFF by default.
It could be a color highlighting like a background color, in everyone TODO words found in the current opened note or todo-list.

I did search for this feature request, without finding it: Search results for '#features TODO word' - Joplin Forum

What do you think?


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