Here we are in Lyon at the JdLL!

Here we are in Lyon at the JdLL!

Meet us at stand 22 of the "Journées Du Logiciel Libre", 2nd floor, Salle Rancy, 249 rue Vendôme Lyon.

We are waiting for you to exchange and if you wish to leave with some Joplin goodies!


Who's the fellow who got photobombed by the passer-by wearing the red shirt? :slight_smile:

How did it go?

That's Greg that I photobombed, who was also looking after the stand. He also designed and printed those nice fliers and kakemono!

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It went well, it was a good opportunity to meet already existing users, and to explain what Joplin is to new ones.

Also we talked to other projects with whom we could potentially have some partnership, for example a platform that provide collaborative editing that we could integrate with.

Second day today, so if anyone's around, feel free to come and say hi!


Free stuff! (Laptop not included)