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Hello. I am a novice with Joplin as well as CLI and Joplin Terminal. With the help of ChatGPT, I once got the terminal to generate a full list of all of my tags. I did the :sync command and then :tag list. However, every time I've tried it since then it only provides me with a single tag. I have tried using PowerShell as well as Windows Terminal to start Joplin terminal (both as admin and without).

If there is a way to generate a full list of all my tags in windows that I can copy for pasting purposes please let me know as I am just looking for anyway to accomplish this, I am not picky. I can visually see my entire list in the Windows app but I am not able to copy it.

Any help appreciate!!

Make sure that the command output pane (console) is visible. tc toggles the output pane.

For me, the output of :tag list looks similar to the following when the console is open:

When the console is closed, tag list shows only the last tag:

Note that it should also be possible to list tags with joplin tag list (from the command line).

See the output of the :help for additional information.

Thank you so much! Using:

joplin tag list

give me exactly what I need from the terminal!!

Question, I used tc to toggle now that I know that's an option. However, it still doesn't go high enough to list all my tags and I can't seem to find a way to scroll through. Just for my learning purposes, what am I missing?

Thank you again!!

Pressing tab changes which part of the UI is focused. For me, the focused panel is slightly brighter than the others. When the console is focused, pressing Up and Down should scroll.

Thank you, again, for all the help!!