How to list tags of a note in console

In console, notes with a specific tag can be listed with joplin tag list <tag-name>.
However, is there any command to do the reverse, listing tags of a specific note, something like joplin tag tag_list <note-id>?
It’s better to add tag list in meta data panel, so users can toggle it with tm.

if you have developper skill, you can use the API and the method

GET /notes/:id/tags🔗

Gets all the tags attached to this note.

I forgot a simple solution :

curl -XGET http://localhost:41184/notes/<note id>/tags/\?token=<the token found in the webclipper settings>

will give for example

curl -XGET http://localhost:41184/notes/623d6a98d41844f0b850a94e486f876a/tags\?token=10bc0121f7caae37cd41dd748f098ae1f542487b2e2c2cc4f241e8a5f44e8cce67fe250f6a702976ff473ed94153738af36948e11382ff718cc0fe94d3b96be3

To get the note id ; from the desktop ; right click "copy markdown link" and paste it in the console :slight_smile:

I guess it would be better if it was support by the CLI tool directly, and I’m surprised it’s not actually.

Up for grab :slight_smile: Add command to list all the tags of a note · Issue #1974 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub