Help required for Nextcloud web client

I have few queries :

  1. I have cloned the joplin-Web in my local machine and I was able to run the frontend part made in vuejs successfully but I was having issue with the backend part made in python as it is asking for webclipper in .env file
  2. I am having some issue in signup in next cloud platform.
  3. As mentioned in the project I am trying to make the web client as per the requirements such as backend in PHP and front end in react but I need some help in nextcloud app signup.

Please help.

@foxmask any idea what the issue could be?

There server is too slow … have to setup in my pc

I think you mix projects in your mind.

Joplin-web does not use Nextcloud at all directly.

You need to setup the back part in python and the Front part in VueJS, as you seemed to have done.

Both communicate with the API and the "joplin server headless" you should have stared.
If you have a lot of folders/notes you will need to raise the number of opened files
check that by entering

$ ulimit -n

and raise it to

$ ulimit -n

then restart the backend

Except all of that, as soon as you speak about "PHP" , that is not related to joplin-web :wink:

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Joplin main repository doesn’t contain any such code for the web client where should I contribute then ? Between Thanks for your reply and help

@sapsa hi,
may be you think about that ? Joplin Web API for Nextcloud

@foxmask hi,
Okay working on it . Since the web client of joplin app is managed by you in your github account. Will it be a problem if I start contributing it in nodejs instead of python for backend and in reactjs for frontend

Hi @sapsa,

the project won't move from a inch as it is made actually and with the chosen techno:

  • backend in python
  • frontend in vuejs

if you want to make a backend in another language/techno , fork the project ; keep the front and drop the back and do your own soup :wink:

if someone want to keep the backend and drop the frontend, same thing : fork the project ; keep the python part and do your own soup with the front :wink:

why ?

  1. I don't care about PHP anymore (I was core dev of a php framework during 5 years and was PHP dev during 15years)
  2. I love python (since 2012)
  3. I love VueJS (since v1;)

If I had changed of mind, you would already see a joplin companion in php and compliant for nextcloud.

I know that a lot of users (will then) ignore the project, but I'm not looking for popularity. I made it to fill a needs, mine.
And create a Proof Of Concept with some new python bricks (which provide async accesses) and vuejs .
The goal then was just to say "hey look, a webclient is easy to build and fun", and let the little seed (the idea of a new project) grows in the mind of dev who meet it.

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