GSoC Students - Any First Timers Here?

Hey, this is Brandon. This is my first GSoC and first time being a mentor, so I figured I might as well get some discussion going about it.

To be frank, I’m anxious. I don’t know what to expect, nor do I know how far this project will go. It’s kind of exciting at the same time. It’s been forever since I’ve been in school, but events like this always were something I was drawn to just never was good enough to go very far; I’d watch from the sidelines mostly. Seeing what you all come up with will definitely be a trip.

How are you guys feeling about it? I know some of you may be just as anxious. Feel free to share. This forum and community are pretty open minded, and for many of us, this is just as new to us.


@bedwardly-down, I’m a potential GSoC student for Joplin and I must say I’m really anxious and excited. The adrenaline is high and I feel the great energy to start doing something that really matters to thousands of users.

This is my first time of contributing to an open source organization and I must confess, it’s been truly awesome!, in a span of 2 months since I’ve been with Joplin even before it was officially accepted as a mentoring organization for GSoC, I’ve been able to contribute substantially (4 PRs merged, 1 open and more to come), I want to appreciate Laurent, Tessus, Pack Elend and the other hardworking contributors making Joplin a success and doing their best to support students trying to make their mark in Joplin.

I can’t wait for the real party to get started and I wish everyone good luck


Hey Brendon, its really nice to have you as a mentor, your always the first to reply to new posts!, if not anyone I can count on you to acknowledge new posts :wink:

These 10 days have been a kind of a revelation for me, when I first came across Joplin it was only for GSoC, but as I started working, I really, really like the concept of open-source, I have learned more in these last 10 days that I hoped for, the most important being that large code-base doesn't scare me anymore.

Well, it's very natural to feel anxious, I feel a bit anxious too, but moreover, I'm more excited about submitting my proposals(for better or for worse :stuck_out_tongue: )

Waking up every day and going through the issue, PR and discourse page, and learning something new every day. I wasn't able to contribute as much to my liking in the pasr few days because of my college tests, but not that they are done, I really fell motivated to solve some bugs and get some PR's merged.


Hey Mentor,
I am really excited to work for a large community like JOPLIN.It feels overwhelming to contribute to something which the world uses every day.At the same time nervousness is high.Hope so everything goes well.:crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:


Hi Brandon, this would also be my first time for GSoC and in fact my first time contributing to open source software development. I am a big fan of open source software and have benefited heavily from it. I am eager to contribute to Joplin, for it is not just a great app but is written with really modern technologies.
I guess you too feel the same.
I really do hope I get selected for this project

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Thanks for responding all. I hope more students come forward and even ones that are doing GSoC again after your first time, feel free to pitch in about how you feel about this one or how you felt when you did it the first time or whatever.

Also, remember that if you’re feeling like things aren’t going your way or you’re having issues getting your PRs done due to real life obligations, feel like contacting either me or @PackElend on here or in private so we can keep the rest of the team updated. Thanks

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Hey Brandon,

I started seriously contributing to open-source projects in December. When I found out that some of the tools that I use on a daily basis are open source, it got my blood boiling. I was so happy to know that I could add features to the app I use and contribute to the same. The thought of millions of users using my little lines of code is really exciting.

I found Joplin when I was looking through the GSoC Organisations and I loved it instantly. I used to use the Notes app on my iPhone and Mac to keep track of notes, but Joplin is way better. I’m much more of terminal user and the fact the Joplin Cli exist is insane.

I don’t know if it is possible, but I think I may be getting addicted to contributing to open source. It is really cool and I hope I can continue this enthusiasm throughout my life. I’m also very excited to participate in Google Summer of Code 2020.



I am Rahul Shaikh. This is my first GSoC also. I have been doing web development for past year. I found about Joplin while browsing the organisations and found it a great alternative to popular note apps as it’s open source. So i was instantly in the project as it would boost my knowledge and also helping this community will be my pleasure.


Hi Brandon, this is my first GSoC as well and honestly I’m quite anxious about this whole thing. I remember taking a first look at the code base and thinking “will I even be able to do anything here?”. Although I’ve contributed to open source before, not on anything as large as Joplin before.
I’m quite interested in Joplin especially in the idea of a cross platform solution to note taking; I like to keep my things organized, I also love a good challenge so if anything this is a huge opportunity and I plan to make the most of it. Cheers!

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Hello @bedwardly-down, It’s great to know that you have been selected as mentor. This is my first time GSoC and am very worried and excited at the same time. I am self-taught and it’s a challenge for me, also very important at the same to be part of GSoC with Joplin. Also am contributing to Joplin before it was officially accepted as a mentor org for GSoC as you must be aware of it. I am giving my best in contribution towards Joplin either its code contribution or helping the newcomers. I got 2PR’s merged and working to fix more bugs.

I am planning to work with the OCR Support project and this is my workaround [OCR Support workarround] for the project.

I hope to be part of GSoC with Joplin, also I wish everyone good luck.

Thank you


Hey brandon, I am Moki Daniel, first time here, first time contributing to open source, I am glad to learn from many of you geeks, one year experience in front end development, currently learning devops at Udacity. Hoping to learn much from you and all other team members. I am hoping to be part of GSOC with Joplin. Good luck to everyone giving it a try as well.