GSoC introduction : Parikshit Hooda

Already made the following intro. Advised by @PackElend to put this in its own topic.

I am Parikshit. I am 22 years old and currently doing my Computer Science major from Delhi Technological University, India. My experiences include working with Nodejs, ExpressJS, MongoDB, MySQL and javascript based web. I have attended multiple hackathons, mentored in GCI’19 and GSSoC’19 and GSSoC’20. This time, I would love to participate as a mentee in GSoC. As a reference, you check my linkedin( and Github( My interests lie in Blockchain, NLP, technical writing, web development and programming(to be explicit about it). I think I am a bit late in my introduction but I am here now!

welcome here we go,
welcome to the community, we happily awaiting your first contribution.

If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask around here.
If you need urgent help you can mention me or @bedwardly-down

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Here to be of service. Although, if it’s code related, I’ll let most of the dev team handle those things. Ha

Just try not to ping them since they carry the main weight of Joplin. Welcome, anyways. <3