GSoC Idea - Custom keyboard shortcuts

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Exactly. Little by little... :slight_smile:

Actually I work as a UX Engineer as a freelancer and I have done User Research quite a few times. Our approach is always like this. We work according to user requirements and we start with User Research. And according to me, I think, I as a user of Joplin will never require custom shortcuts. The defaults are fine for me as a user.

So, Should I proceed with the proposal?

Yes you can but we expect code contribution as well

So, should I create a PR for this particular feature or should I choose a good first issue?

Better fix an existing issue

Not sure this is the place to post this, but I have a suggestion regarding application level hotkeys (i.e., hotkeys which are active even when the window isn’t even open). I see joplin has Ctrl+Alt+J to bring up Joplin. This is good, but I would like to see something like what Evernote supports:

  1. A hotkey to search all notes. Like Ctrl+Alt+J, but it puts focus in the “search all notes” box. This doubles as a “bring up the app” key if you want to do something else
  2. A hotkey to start editing a new note.
  3. Both of these hot keys are configurable to a user-defined key combination

Thanks for your consideration


@laughingboy That’s a great suggest. But i’ll suggest you to post the same in Keyboard shortcuts Feature Request. It will be helpful for the future project implementation of the feature. Thanks for contributing to it.

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Hey, @PackElend A minor problem has occurred. The proposal that I submitted for GSoC, for some unknown reasons images is not showing up there. Kindly consider this new document.

PS: No change in content, only fixed the images issue.
This is the original proposal:-Project proposal (1).pdf (504.1 KB)

Hey, @PackElend Could you consider the document ?

why you don’t follow the rules?

Actually I knew about the project very late and I was unable to send a draft proposal due to the deadline of the application period is quite close. Even when I checked about the error that happened the application period had already over. so it would be better if you consider this one.

I’m talking about a PM to @Mentors as clearly written in the blog

Ohh sry my apologies

As requested in another thread, here are some keyboard shortcuts that I am used to from other related apps (web browsers, Evernote, and Wikidpad):

  • Alt-(left arrow/right arrow) — back/forward
  • ctrl-alt-L — copy internal link to current note
  • ctrl-enter — follow link that’s under the cursor in the edit view (including internal links, which would be the main time I’d use this) - should be same behaviour I think as if I’d left-clicked on the link in the preview
  • ctrl-(up arrow) - show list of notes that link to this note

And here’s one I’d particularly like, given how I work:

  • ?? — add an internal link at cursor position (pops up dialog like “Goto Anything” so you can choose destination, but also gives you an option to type the name of a new note, which it will create and link) (maybe - if some text is selected, replace it with a link to a new note with that text as its title)

Thank you so much Rob. I appreciate you for taking out time and listing your ones. This would really help. :smile:

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@PackElend may I know the no of slots that has been accepted by Joplin?

Two, apparently:

yep the maximum what you can expect as a newcomer

Thanks you!