GSoC 2020: Next week Students submit final work

@anjulalk, @naviji, @Mentors , an update from Google Summer of Code:

Thank you for dedicating the last few months to helping your student become a part of your community and mentoring them through their GSoC project. The goal is to keep your students involved in your community long after they submit their final GSoC work next week so be sure to keep communicating and encouraging your student to stay invested in the work they have done over the GSoC period.

Quick reminders

  • Starting next week on Monday, August 24th at 18:00 UTC students will be able to submit their final evaluations and the link to their work product. Students will likely ask you to review the URL to their work product over the next week to make sure it is what you are expecting and require before they submit their final evaluation for review.
  • Mentor Final Evaluations (of students) Start Monday, August 31st at 18:01 UTC Mentors are responsible for validating the target of the URL (provided in the evaluation), making sure it points to the GSoC 2020 work product, and meets the other requirements. Mentors will use this information as part of their pass/fail decision. The deadline for Mentors to submit Final Evaluations is Monday, September 7th at 18:00 UTC.

Important Dates

August 24-31 : Students wrap up their projects & submit their Final Evaluation which includes:

  1. link to their work product (code) and
  2. their Final Evaluation of their Mentor
    August 31 18:00 UTC: Deadline for Students to submit their Final Evaluation
    August 31 - September 7 : Mentors submit final evaluations of students
    September 7 18:00 UTC: Deadline for submission of Mentor’s Final Evaluation of their Student
    September 8 : Students passing GSoC 2020 are announced