[GSOC] 2020 - Introduction

Hi all ! This is Prashant . I am a final year undergraduate student from BITS Pilani , India . I have prior experience working with React and Electron . I would like to contribute to password-protected notes and search engine . I will be looking to solve some good first issues first ! It’d be great if someone can point out any issues in particular , regarding these projects to get started .
Thanks in advance .

Welcome, Prashant. My name is Brandon, and I’m one of the mentors here. Have you read the GSoC Live Blog yet? Many of your beginning questions should be answered there already or will be shortly. Once you do that, check out the Joplin Github issue tracker and get familiar with the code and the build system. Since you are familiar with React and Electron, I can safely assume you know how to use npm and yarn and know how to read the package.json files?

If you have any questions, feel free to reply here. I’m not a programmer, so I probably won’t be able to answer the tech questions you asked above but if you were to check their forum posts, you should be able to find those answers.

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Thanks for replying ! To answer your question , yes package.json was easy to understand and I am trying to set up a local environment now .
Also , with respect to the issues , a lot of issues which are there, have no updates since a week . So , I am not sure whether I can work on them . If you can guide me on that , that’d be great .

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As far as I know, any issues on the tracker that aren’t closed and haven’t been assigned are up for grabs. Also, there are quite a few issues there that are duplicates or have been fixed in PRs but haven’t been fully closed or updated yet with all of the GSoC stuff going on.

I’m not completely sure if this will work or not for you, but here’s my attempt at linking the issue tracker but sorted by how active each bug report is so you can have an idea of what’s being at least reported and possibly looked at. If you ever want to set that up for yourself in the future or sort it other ways, there are multiple drop down menus right above the issues that can be used for just that.

What platform (s) are you planning on developing on? @PackElend is working on setting up live documentation about just that here to make it easier, but I may still be of some help in that regard, nonetheless.

So , it seems like most of the good first issue has being assigned , or people have already requested to work on it . In that case , will it be fine if i work on other bugs that are not being taken up by anyone , but also are not tagged as good first issue ?

If you know what you’re doing and can make your PRs clean and fit what’s already available in the code, especially if it’s a bug that is still fairly new, you should be good to go. If the bug is over say a couple weeks old and doesn’t have any discussions going on here, it probably wouldn’t hurt to post something in #development about it and wait for one of the more tech minded members to reply here. If they have the Joplin Icon by their profile picture, they are an official member of the dev team here and have final say on those kinds of things.

Hey @prashant.globe, So I had this issue when I joined first as well. First issues will come, You’ll have to wait until someone finds a bug. Alternatively, You can checkout the different Joplin clients and try to find a bug yourself or try to implement a simple feature.

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You can also fork the code and start purposely breaking Joplin. It’s an excellent way to learn what each component does.


that is bit of pity, I will send a reminder around later today or tomorrow.
If you see an issue without an update for a week but being sure that you can easily resolve it, ask to get an update an wait for a day.
If noone respnds got for it

agree on both

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