Grammarly Support

It would be great if we can support Grammarly because honestly its a lifesaver and its the first extension I add in chrome when I download it, but

  • Is it Viable

  • How much effort would be required to incorporate it

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I don’t think that can work because the editor we use is not a simple text area, but you’re free to give it a try and confirm.


okay laurent i’ll look into it

I hope that this is not implemented as a feature in Joplin. Grammarly and similar services are ultimate privacy violators and they collect everything you type. If that does not bother you then maybe Joplin is not for you.

Joplin is built with privacy in mind. And interestingly enough one’s digital security is also tied to one’s digital privacy.


Hmm, I never thought from that angle, well I’m just looking into if it’s even possible to incorporate it, right now it looks as it is too much work for too little to gain.

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I did some research and I can confirm that Grammarly does not work on the Ace editor so I guess we can scratch this idea


As an option: someone from the Joplin founders team can request access to Grammarly SDK here:
Grammarly for Developers

I suggest considering Language Tool as a more private and open source alternative to Grammarly.


Looks like a LanguageTool plugin was created for Obsidian so maybe can take a look at that for ideas.


We can try to make (port) the same plugin for Joplin, if you want

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It looks like this plugin may also be helpful for something like this: