Go to anything

I just want to post to say that I absolutely love Joplin. I searched for a long time to find a note taking app that would allow me to self host my notes. Well done Laurent, it is amazing!

The new ‘Go to anything’ option in the tools menu (which I found by accident) is a fantastic addition and really lifts the desktop app by an order of magnitude! Should definitely advertise that a bit more.

Again, well done, you have created something genuinely awesome here.


Thanks, and glad you like this recent improvement! The doc is indeed missing for this at the moment but will be added soon as it indeed make sense to advertise this feature a bit more.

100% agree… joplin is awesome… well done @laurent!!!

I also missed this until I saw this post! Amazing feature, I always love that in coding tools but I haven’t ever seen it in a note app before! Thanks! And keep up the amazing work.