Getting webpage from a note that just owns an URL as content

Today we are just able to get an URL of webpage from our mobile (with the "share function")
and then, the note title and content become that URL.
So now, once the sync is done, will it be possible to add a button on the desktop app that could trigger the grabing of that URL so the content will become the webpage content and the title of the note the title of the webpage ?
if no I will make a python script for that :wink:

I think a python script is probably best for this (for now). If I remember correctly the transformations from html -> md are handled by the browser extension and not joplin desktop.
If you do get a script working, please share :slight_smile:.


Here it is.
Done yesterday night

I’ll add it to the apps category later.


If I understand it correctly, the “Collector” is dependent on Web Clipper Service, which is provided only by Joplin Desktop app.

Any chance to run the “Collector” on a head-less server, where I have installed only Joplin CLI app?

You Can start Joplin headless as follow

Joplin --profile /math/to/joplon/profile server start
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