For installed plugins, how long after a new release is published will it show in Joplin?

I have the Favorites plugin v1.3.0 installed. I see that version 1.3.1 was released 30min ago.

In Joplin, the plugin does not show that an update is available (I tried restarting Joplin, and checking for updates). How long until Joplin app sees the update is available?

As an aside, for those running a very recent Joplin beta, the updated Favorites fixes a small bug, which you undoubtedly have already experienced if you use this plugin.

AFAIK it should take 30 to 60 minutes maximum. I can't see the update either. @benji300: Maybe the version needs to be updated at the manifest.json file?

Edit: There is a fork at 1.3.1. Maybe someone else has a more insights about the release.

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As @Marph commented, it looks like manifest.json needs to be updated. (It's very easy to update the package.json version and not the manifest.json version, particularly with older versions of the plugin template :slight_smile: ).

Edit: There is a fork at 1.3.1 2. Maybe someone else has a more insights about the release.

The fork was for testing purposes. (To test this pull request there needed to be two plugins with the same ID).

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Edit 2: Related GitHub issue

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