Finished entries of check list: Is it possible to place them automatically at the bottom?

I use check lists a lot. And I use the richtext editor (the other editor does not fit for me).

Is it possible to place finised entries automatically at the bottom of a check list?

If not: What do you think about such a feature?


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Really no opinions to that suggestion?

no, as far as I know, there is no such automation available.

and I did not read such proposal here before.

perhaps put your idea also in another section of the forum, which is more likely to be read by the creative guys than the support section here might be. just in case…

Thanks for your answer!

I know that feature from the note app from iOS and appreciate it a lot.

I will publish the idea in the feature wish section.

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are you sure it is the note app? if yes, please tell me how to activate that automatism.

You find the option here:

Settings > Notes > Sort > Automatically

iOS 15.6.1

Precisely the sorting places the latest checked list point behind the last unchecked list point.

I appreciate that automatism a lot because it allows you to focus on the unchecked (todos) easily.

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thx a lot. I literally never thought about settings for this app :man_facepalming:

You are welcome : )

I miss about a dozen useful features in Joplin, which I know from the iOS notes app.

There is a lot within the plugins. But for me it's not always easy to keep track of all the options that are available. I miss a central blog or something like that, which announces new available features although I realize, that would consume manpower which is missing everywhere...

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this could be a good project for those us of who can't contribute in the programming / plugin side of things.
What would make it more user friendly than navigating the discourse forum ?
As i see it, it would be good to have video content that demonstrates the features new plugins.

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