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Please add Filen support as a sync option

Filen is a open source encrypted cloud storage solution.

From Filen's support page.

Does Filen offer WebDAV access?
Since Filen is fully end-to-end encrypted it is impossible for us to provide such gateway from our servers. We are already working on a CLI tool which will enable our users to host their own WebDAV gateways estimated mid 2023.

Do you offer a S3/FTP/WebDav/SFTP/HTTP endpoint?
Since Filen is fully end to end encrypted, we cannot provide a S3/FTP/WebDAV/SFTP/HTTP gateway from our servers, it's impossible without breaking the encryption our service is built on.

So it looks like it may be possible to use the WebDAV connector when Filen release their CLI tool that allows users to access data whilst maintaining Filen's E2EE. If Filen themselves currently do not have a method to allow direct access then it's very doubtful that Joplin will be able to create one.

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