File system synchronization and local cache?

I have the "file system" synchornization and I imported my Evernote stuff (a large DB). I noticed that the database is somewhat duplicated: it is on the file system target and in local cache under $HOME/.config/joplin-desktop. Is it really necessary to keep the local stuff in this case? I think it's an unnecessary duplication and I don't see any setting under "File system" synchronization to turn the local cache off.

Yeah, this is essentially how the "file system" sync works. I wouldn't call the other folder "cache" though. Joplin stores its database, resources, etc. in the profile folder, while the "file system" path is a completely separate entity that is supposed to be synchronised between different computers. It could even be stored on a network drive and accessed using different computers from there.

Taking double space may not be ideal, but I'd strongly suggest not to try to play around or manually delete anything there, as you will definitely run into problems doing so.

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