[Feature Request] Sync with multiple targets

Would it be possible to make Joplin sync with multiple targets? With each target in a seprate notebooks entry.
It would be useful for collabration, with a shared syncing target folder.


Yes! I can fully agree with this but collaboration means always one syc-target assigned to one notebook.

just the topic is a bit confusing. The necessity is not to sync one notebook to multiple targets, but to have multiple targets that each-one can be assigned to one notebook in a way that always one notebook has one sync-target.

I seen here feature requests where people request syncing one notebook to multiple targets. This would produce versions and forks and is not useful at all.If I want to make a version or a fork could copy the note.

We with respect to the Malaysian rice cook principle : one cook , one plate, one fireplace

I'd like to see this also - would mean I can have a notebook for work related and a seperate one for personal stuff all in the same app/UI but are actually saved to different locations