Feature request: switch to editor mode when creating note


I'd like to suggest a feature. In the settings there are two checkboxes: what to focus in to-do and what to focus in simple note. But they only work when the last mode was editor mode. In case the last mode was viewer mode auto focus on title/body doesn't work. When you create a note (I mean when you click a corresponding button) it means you want to write something. So you need editor mode for this even if you were in viewer mode before. Therefore you need to have a focus on some field. As far as it doesn't work this way you always need to manually switch to editor mode after creating a note (clicking a button). Could we just auto switch to editor mode on create new note and focus chosen field?

This behavior I found in Linux / macOS versions (2.14.22 at the moment).


I agree that seems a bit odd, it does let you edit the title of the note but as you say the main view is still locked in view mode. It does seem a bit counter intuitive or at least rather clunky to intentionally press a button to make a new note but then have to press a second to actually do anything with it

I believe that was fixed in pre-release 3.0?

I just tried building from the dev branch (8eda8d3c8) but it doesn't seem to work:


It's good to know! Can't wait 3.0 to test it :slightly_smiling_face: