Feature request: Search note by ID

I rapidly searched previous discussion I hope I’ve no missed similar topic…

I’d like to search my notes using the ID found in “Note Properties”


AFAIK you can use the Joplin API for that. There is a Python and a Perl API wrapper available for easy access. Check the #apps category.
There’s no UI feature for this and I doubt that this will be implemented any time soon. This is really a niche use-case and there are many other features on the plate. But who knows, maybe someone goes crazy and submits a PR for it.

Wouldn't this feature be a good practical workaround for the lack of ability to link to a Joplin note from an external app? Integrations between apps make the world go round!

Is prefer the ability to link externally, but this sort of thing is so helpful to workflows it might be a worthwhile stopgap. I'm assuming it's not too difficult to implement.

Hope that the attachment search function can be realized

All of the above seem to exist in the api

Search attachment
Get notes based on id

joplin api for nodejs/browser Published on npmjs: https://www.npmjs.com/package/joplin-api

Has this been implemented? Latest Android release notes mention filtering by Id. If so, how do I use it?

Yes, id:<NOTEID>

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