Feature Request: pCloud Synchronisation

WebDAV is a horrible protocol, but mainly because companies have no incentive to make it better, as they’d rather lock users into their proprietary (and often equally horrible) protocol.

However WebDAV is so far all we have and it can work well when implemented properly as it does for many Nextcloud, SeaFiles, Nginx or Apache users. There used to be a lot of bug reports about these servers but since the bugs have been fixed I haven’t heard anything other than misconfiguration issues.

Supporting all the proprietary APIs out of there is simply unrealistic, so we focus on the big ones - which are Dropbox and OneDrive. Google Drive too, but Google is too unstable a company to build anything long term around their APIs, so there’s no plan to support it.

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So to answer your question geira, I ended up speaking to pCloud support and they confirmed yes they have a webdav server however it is not officially supported. The support agent said that the errors I was seeing were due to a “file limit”. My data set is only around 2,000 files so not large at all. I adjusted the sync to 1 concurrent connection but I would never successfully sync to pCloud.

From the error I was seeing it looks like they installed an owncloud instance as their webdav server.

I too feel I am running out out of options. pCloud doesn’t work, box.com announced they are ending their webdav support. That really just leaves users with two options: self hosted (Nextcloud etc.) which is not an option for many or the big US tech firms which are the anthesis of the spirit of the Joplin project in terms of their tracking and privacy violating policies etc. It would be nice to have at least one privacy respecting platform option in Europe or Asia.

The open source rclone project is very outstanding in this regard, that is another excellent cloud project with native support for just about every platform there is which is a really nice security for the longevity of the project (look at all the platforms on their homepage: https://rclone.org/), I would love to see Joplin supporting all of those platforms natively one day.

There are also third party NC providers: https://nextcloud.com/providers/

I was able to get pcloud Webdav to work well first try. It just required me setting the uri to https://webdav.pcloud.com and then using my pcloud credentials. So nice.

Although, if you want to fill a specific folder, you will need to add its path to the end of the uri.

Mine for the sake of being consistent with what is used on OneDrive is:


I had similar problems with pCloud webdav synchronisation (> 3000 notes). Following your recommendations in this conversation, I contacted their hotline. Here is the final answer I got from them (sorry, it's in french, but I guess any online translator would help to understand if needed)

Nous n'avons pas notre propre implémentation de WebDav et nous utilisons simplement le module WebDav par défaut d'un serveur web (apache). Cela signifie que nous ne pouvons pas vraiment résoudre les problèmes avec des logiciels tiers, soit ils fonctionnent, soit ils ne fonctionnent pas et nous ne pouvons malheureusement pas y faire grand chose de notre coté. Si vous pouvez vous connecter à webdav.pcloud.com avec un navigateur et accéder à vos fichiers, cela signifie que le service est opérationnel.

Nous avons regardé la documentation de Joplin, elle dit qu'il devrait fonctionner avec le module Apache WebDav que nous utilisons, donc c'est très probablement une erreur de configuration du côté du client. Enfin, nous ne sommes pas censés résoudre les problèmes avec des logiciels tiers si notre serveur WebDav est opérationnel et accessible. Si certains utilisateurs ont des problèmes avec Joplin, le plus simple et efficace serait de demander l'aide de Joplin

So I gave up and migrated my Joplin online database from pCloud to DropBox :pensive:
And now, it works very good. Absolutely no sync problem anymore :ok_hand:

i got pretty much the same reply a month or 2 ago. their response to me was we think it should work ok, but if it doesn’t we can’t help you. but other than that, I love pCloud.

I will not reply to their answer, otherwise I will be very, very rude. Suffice it to say, those guys apparently have no idea what an RFC is nor why specifications exist.

To everyone who thinks pCloud is a good idea: Dont use it. They are unprofessional and it’s actually a miracle that they have stayed in business that long. (This was not rude, just a fact.)

Just because clients work around illegal responses doesn’t mean that it’s the client’s fault, if a request/response transaction does not work. Either way, I will excuse myself from this topic. No worries, I will never, ever post in this topic again.

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I know it doesn’t fix the issue, but I’m happily using my Joplin over several machines with pCloud as backend.
I’m setting “Filesystem” target in Joplin to a folder that I add to the synchronized folders with the pCloud sync client.
Not only does it work, but it is orders of magnitude faster than the webdav sync (2GB of notes sync in ~10 minutes. It would take 4-5 hours on webdav)
Downside: you need to store Joplin data twice (once in the AppData folder and once in the synchronized folder). If this is an issue (notes taking tens of GBs), you can sync directly in the pCloud virtual drive.

Hi all,
I have a similar issue with my mailo webdav account: https://webdav.mailo.com. My directory for Joplin was Notes, so the URL for acess was https://webdav.mailo.com/Notes and it do not work..
I have just change the name by suppressing the upper letters so switch from Notes to notes and everything OK. Surprising isnt'it :-))
Of course you have to rename both the Joplin config and the cloud directory.
Hoping it could be useful

I myself have troubles using Joplin with pCloud through WebDav because that is the only way that I have found how how to use it on Android. As others mentioned, there is no problem with syncing the notes using "Filesystem" and sync folders in pCloud. There is nothing there that pCloud can do about WebDav protocol and as it was mentioned, it has its weaknesses and can be unstable. I have used WebDav with other integrations as well a couple of times and it never felt stable enough. I am not an expert but I did not like using WebDav.

As about their support and them being unprofessional, that might get better or worse over time and I understand you being angry with them. Saying that they have stayed in business that long also means something. 7 years and 10 millions users probably means something. I am with them for a couple of years now and did not have major problems. Many people including had issued with giant corporations. They also have to prioritize the support. Is WebDav so critical? Personally I do not think so. Maybe someone is really sick about WebDav support because of the limitation. pCloud has APIs https://docs.pcloud.com/ and it should be possible to create integration with Joplin through that. Get yourself a free account on Nextcloud, Dropbox or OneDrive and use it just for notes. If it happens that someone creates Jopiln support for pCloud then it would be really nice, but for now it is what it is. I think WebDav is not the right way to go with notes integration. And I do not think it is the fault of pCloud.

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Hi, I'm totally able to use Joplin with pCloud. I might have two possible solutions.

  1. Users from EU need to use following URL: https://ewebdav.pcloud.com instead of https://webdav.pcloud.com

  2. When 2FA is enabled in pCloud you're unable to use WebDAV.

I use PCloud as well and for general usage, they are quite good and I trust their privacy policy in Switzerland rather than free cloud storage account from China. So, I hope there is an official manual to sync PCloud with Joplin.

I've also tried using pCloud to sync Joplin. I'm pullling over twelve years of Evernote files which exported in 8 ENEX files. Synchronizing was going great till file 5 nearly completed but stopped with the

no more synchronization is possible. The limitation comes from pCloud and I've filed a support ticket with them, but no response so far. I have a paid pCloud account.
I first tried to sync with OneDrive, but as someone else in this forum has discovered, there is a 150,000 child file limitation there.
I don't want to use a cloud host any more. That's why I wanted to get away from Evernote and Notion. From research on this forum, my best option to accomplish this seems to be self-hosting a Joplin or Nextcloud server on a NUC type device. I'm kind of missing my old Pogoplug at this point.

I ran into the same issues with pCloud (2TB paid account), been woring fine for a while then all of a sudden problems. just got tired of fighting it. migrated over to this (https://syncloud.org/) and it's working great for me so far. my $.02...

disclaimer: Not a promotion for this product, checkout Nextcloud, it has several devices listed that may do the job just fine.

Other options I was using was a WDMyCloud device using WebDAV and that worked fine. But v5 of the s/w removed the WebDAV feature. I've heard good things about Synology's product though.


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I just reconfigured Joplin on android and I found that limiting the number of connections to 2, instead of 5 seems to have made the first synchronization much faster and maybe more functional. I have about 11000 notes and a total of about 18000 objects. My first try with the option to allow 5 simultaneous connections stopped at about 5000 synchronized notes. With the option to allow only 2 simultaneous connections, it seemed to be faster and all notes were synchronized in less than 2 hours which seems quite reasonable to me. The biggest problem was maybe to avoid my android phone to enter sleep mode as it may be one source of problem when occurring during first synchronization. I just have a difference of one object, 18427 objects on my desktop and 18428 objects on the android app. Don't if its normal.

Edit: I wrote 2 notes on android. The first got synchronized. The second one did not synchronized well. After The first full synchronization, joplin was stopped during synchronization by mistake. COuld the problem be linked with this? On my desktop I think that at least one empty notes appeared in a note book. I guess I have to learn how to enter debugging mode in order to see log.
I would really switch to another cloud but I have a "life time" cloud on pcloud. A small dedicated cloud for Joplin would be great.

Edit (2): after copying the non synchronized note to a new note on android. It was synchronized (I see it on my desktop). I did cancel synchronization once on android, may it have been the reason for one note not to be synchronized?

I am using Ecloud and it works with 2FA plus E2EE. Just have to set up a specific app password in the security settings, maybe that's the case for pCloud too..

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I now found out that at least one of my notes made o android did not synchronize properly and It happened with less than 10 notes done on android. This is really unsafe to use pcloud, unfortunatly. I have to look after another solution. I think I will try to find a way to configure a joplin server for me.

Dear all,

I want to also request this feature. Although the possibility of synchronising via WebDAV is welcomed, it is not the same as having a service such as the one offered for Dropbox or OneDrive, as WebDAV cannot be used when you have configured double factor in the cloud. And having to disable it to use it only in Joplin is nonsense.

What feature? Also, 2FA usually requires the creation of app passwords. Which is explained in the FAQ and even a few comments above.

This topic is about pCloud and there won't be a sync target for pCloud. pCloud was not even able to get the WebDAV right. We will not waste our time to write a sync layer for a service that is proven to be unreliable.

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