[Feature request] Nimbus Notes import

No problem

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A couple of screenshots and 2 folders zipped, one the orgial export from Nimbus the other the converetd version with you script.
Hope it makes .

That sounds great. I will take a look sometime this weekend

Okay thanks for the examples. I worked on this a little bit. I realized the reason I am missing the content of the notes you sent. The Nimbus export uses CSS to create that little embed area, including the image and content. So I will have to experiment with how to work around that (they have images embedded in the CSS in base64 encoding, so I either have to try to search for that or just render any notes that are this kind of embed to a .png and include that in the exported note - that loses any surrounding text or other elements though, so I will have to mess around). To be honest any of this kind of parsing of internals of Nimbus Notes is going to be very fragile. It might work for a while and then break when they change something minor since their exports aren't just simple HTML. But I will keep the GitHub gist up and people can suggest changes or fork the Gist if things change. Thanks

Understood many thanks for your efforts.

Here's a question for anyone who knows. Once you have exported all notes from Nimbus Note, how do you even import them back into Nimbus? I see no button anywhere to do anything like that. I only see "Import from Evernote". When I extract the zip files chris0200 provided and try to open the note.html files in a browser, they are all blank. So I wanted to import them to Nimbus to see what they are supposed to look like but it seems there is no way unless I'm missing something blatant. I guess maybe they are not meant for re-importing but then it raises the question why the HTML exported seems to not display their custom formatting. Seems to make HTML export useless.

However I see Nimbus also supports PDF export. That might actually be easier to convert since it won't have any issues with CSS etc. There are tools to convert PDFs to HTML which I could use in a new version of the script. I will mess around with that and let you know

I have sent a support question to Nimbus about importing, hopefully they will respond promptly.

Maybe it's not intended that the HTML be imported. If you extract your zipped notes and open note.html from inside in a browser, do you see anything? They are blank for me in Firefox and Chrome. So it just seems weird that they allow HTML export but it doesn't display the content. Maybe certain features of HTML export arent supported. I am thinking I will pursue PDF →HTML→ markdown. That bypasses the whole CSS issue. You're free to ask Nimbus support - I am curious - but I think it won't be necessary since I'm changing tack. How do you create the kind of notes that are ending up blank when converted? The ones that look like a little preview of the site embedded like in these food examples. I will test with converting those. Thanks

Okay I think I might know how you created those. Like this right?

If so, mix of good and bad news. PDF export doesn't show the embed either, but it does at least put the link in as text, which is more than what the HTML had. So when I finish the code to convert PDFs, your notes that used embeds will just have text of the link. Sorry there's only so much you can do.

Anything appreciated. :grinning:

Reply from Nimbus as to imports.

"We have no imports yet. It will be implemented in February."

Not sure if I would hold my breath based on this.

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Hey I found some information on software that will help with this. I am working on the script still but if you install this ahead of time you'll be able to run the script when it's ready. It's some software usable from python that converts between different types of documents, If you’re on Windows the .msi is an easier wizard installer.

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Installed and ready when you are. Hope it goes reasonably easy.

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Cool. I am still working on the script here and there. I have HTML -> markdown working better with Pandoc but I have to get the directory structure right for extracting the zips and such. I would guess within a week I should have another version you can try.

Brilliant, thanks :grinning:

Okay try this out. Export as HTML this time from Nimbus. I made a bunch of folders, added pictures, embeds and so on. Most of the formatting seems okay. I will say exported tables that you made in Nimbus end up completely garbled. I don't think there's anything I can do about that. But let me know any other issues. If things are missed or messed up try running as "python convert.py debug | clip" (on Windows, other OSs have other methods of pasting to the clipboard and paste the output somewhere like pastebin. You could also do "python convert.py debug > convert.txt" and upload convert.txt. It won't make it work but it'll make it easier for me to see what went wrong.

The instructions and code are in this file:

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Cheers, I Will have a go ASAP.

Okay, fingers crossed. Hope it helps. I tried to test with different Nimbus features but I dont have a huge set of notes to test.

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Everything in but not had a chance to check though, hopefully in the next couple of days. As you say fingers crossed.

There are some problems:

  1. PDF error on all - file source?
  2. Most Parent folder have a sub called assets (not there before) with nothing in
  3. Some folders with nothing in.
  4. Text and jpegs seems to work fine
  5. As you mentioned imported tables not working
  6. Hyperlinks fine.

I have probably taken up too much of your time, suggest I leave the legacy notes in Nimbus and I continue to add the new stuff to Joplin. What do you think?

PS I have kept all the notes that worked fine so about a third done OK, many thanks.