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[Feature Request] iOS: Swipe Left Edge of Screen to Go Back from Note/To-Do View


Joplin version: 10.0.40
Platform: iOS
OS specifics: 13.2.3

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Try to swipe-left-edge of screen to go back to Notebook from Note/To-Do Item view
  2. Nothing will happen; you have to tap the upper-left back arrow.

Describe what you expected to happen:
View would go back to Notebook from Note/To-Do Item when using swipe-left-edge

If you are already in Notebook view then the swipe-left-edge gesture works and shows the left sidebar.


Oh yes please, I’ve been sorely missing this standard iOS behavior.

I believe it is a library limitation.

@laurent, @tessus I hope I am right about this.