[Feature Request] iOS: Swipe Left Edge of Screen to Go Back from Note/To-Do View


Joplin version: 10.0.40
Platform: iOS
OS specifics: 13.2.3

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Try to swipe-left-edge of screen to go back to Notebook from Note/To-Do Item view
  2. Nothing will happen; you have to tap the upper-left back arrow.

Describe what you expected to happen:
View would go back to Notebook from Note/To-Do Item when using swipe-left-edge

If you are already in Notebook view then the swipe-left-edge gesture works and shows the left sidebar.


Oh yes please, I’ve been sorely missing this standard iOS behavior.

I believe it is a library limitation.

@laurent, @tessus I hope I am right about this.

Can we open an issue/feature request at the library (which?) then?

This request applies to version 1.3.13 on android, too.

Any chance on looking at this. As an example, if I am looking at the notes for a specific tag and want to look at another tag, on iOS I have to click the three horizontal bars to reveal the sidebar and then click on Tags. On Android I simply swipe once to go back.

Overall, I really like Joplin and use it on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS syncing to NextCloud.

I registered to this forum specifically to submit a request for this. I just went looking to see if it had been submitted first before writing something up.

Huge pleading vouch for this suggestion - the app's reliance on the top left arrow creates a very awkward user experience. Modern mobile operating systems have trained users to use certain gestures, so when they are missing from an app, it feels jarring.

Similarly, I would love to see the app dismiss the keyboard when swiping down from slightly above the keyboard. Perhaps when the keyboard is dismissed, it could also disable the text editing mode.

I would like to join in here, this is quite important to me, otherwise I really like just about everything about Joplin.
Swiping left to go back / open the sidebar menu is a standard and really needed, especially on larger screens, where it is difficult to reach the top left corner.


I completely agree, this annoys me every day. Especially if you have a bigger mobile device, having to take your phone into your other hand just to be able to tap the button with the "active" hand is a problem. Pretty much every other app allows a left edge swipe for this sort of thing. It would be much appreciated! I'd love to help if I can, but I don't have a Mac, which is needed to modify / build iOS apps if I'm not mistaken?

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same for me. This a a showstopper and one of the biggest reasons to let me think if I shouldn't move to another notes or TODO app because for me usability and fast access is very important if you want to quickly add new things on the go...

Does react-native support these gestures?

There's react-native-swipe-gestures - npm.
Just tried it and it broke vertical scrolling ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

There's also GitHub - software-mansion/react-native-gesture-handler: Declarative API exposing platform native touch and gesture system to React Native. which seems to be better maintained. Not going to try it now as the setup seems to be more involved.

That's the thing. Some of these modules only work half the time and when they do, they break something else. One really has to be lucky to find the right combination of modules.

I think most people think of native apps, which Joplin is not.

Same here! I miss this wonderful function for this even more wonderful app - on Android and iOS!

In general: Awesome work guys!

Thank you for the app!

Swiping from the left corner to go back has become a second nature on iOS. In other words, not having it feel awkward. Can you please look into this?

If not, could you put a button at the BOTTOM left to simulate a press on the hamburger ?

Although I have big hands, I cannot reach the upper left corner with my right thumb while holding the phone with my right hand.

Thank you.


I am new to Joplin and one of the things I have missed a lot has been this simple movement, swiping from left to right and seeing the livery column or note list.

Couldn't this feature be obtained at the moment?