Feature Request for Metadata

My suggestion is to add a setting to enable the id format to:

  • include the note title if its a note/task - like - Note_title_id#.
  • include the tag name if it’s a tag.

The purpose of this is that one could read the parent and tag name/title in the metadata.

One can look at metadata in the app, or read / search the synced .md files.

If the title is longer than 100 characters, truncate it at 100 characters. It would at least give you an idea of what the parent is.


Dutch << tag
id: 9d6495b8ef6749daa2f104b8efc0bcf9

id: 96c3c6c2365044889a65089d88e0b44f
parent_id: 9d6495b8ef6749daa2f104b8efc0bcf9 [ Has tag as parent. ]


Dutch << tag
id: Dutch_9d6495b8ef6749daa2f104b8efc0bcf9

Note title:
id: Note_title_96c3c6c2365044889a65089d88e0b44f
parent_id: Dutch_9d6495b8ef6749daa2f104b8efc0bcf9 [ Has tag as parent. You can now read/search the tag. ]

Unfortunately that won't be possible. If there's one thing I've learnt with this project is that redundancy is the worst enemy of synchronisation :grin: In that case, the redundant tag and note title in the ID will be very hard to keep in sync whenever a title changes or a tag gets deleted. Eventually all the hacks needed to maintain this kind of redundant data affects the sync reliability and performance so it's something I always try to avoid.

Granted the current sync format is not user-friendly, so there have been various thoughts to try to offer some kind of web client, or generally a way to edit notes from the cloud service.

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How about we change the feature requirement a little bit?
What if we instead add the “title” and “parent_title” line in the meta data? So no need to change the file title…

Then the new feature could be something like:


Note of “Note title”:

  • id: 96c3c6c2365044889a65089d88e0b44f
  • parent_id: 9d6495b8ef6749daa2f104b8efc0bcf9


Note of “Note title”:

  • id: 96c3c6c2365044889a65089d88e0b44f
  • title: Note_title
  • parent_id: xxx…
  • parent_title: xxx…
  • tag_id: 9d6495b8ef6749daa2f104b8efc0bcf9
  • tag_title: Dutch

Also the tag file (parent) would be changed accordingly.

If we can use the tag title directly in the opened note file, perhaps there’s no need to open its tag file to read the tag title, hence save some time in file operations?
Or would this kind of modification cause new performance issues?
Or is there any better idea?