Feature request: Folding sections of text

I’m not saying that this will never make it into Joplin. First Laurent has to accept it and then you will have to find someone to implement it.


Couldn’t agree more!! It also becomes easy to navigate in large notes

I am working with large notes and I also think that folding sections will be extremely useful to help navigation within the relevant parts of a note in both editor and rendered HTML (could be an option for both).

Even if they are unfolded on each note reload, it is better than nothing (a simple "collapse all" button would be nice though).

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Throwing a vote in on editor folding! :wink: My two cents:

  • I couldn't care less about folding within the rendering.
  • Folding within the editor is one of the most valuable features for any editor.
  • Folding lets you easily work within a particular scope of a document without being getting totally and completely lost; especially when working in larger documents.

+1 for editor folding. :wink:

This is possible to add with a plugin, but likely won't make it to the base application. Just keep your eyes open, I'm sure a plugin will popup soon

Please don't forget that Joplin is not a text editor - or at least it is not its main purpose.
Also, even if there was code folding, it would not be persistent, so how useful is it really? Anyway, Caleb is right. This might be done via plugin at one point.

Had really little time so its as basic as can be.

@tessus makes good point about persistence,
maybe rewriting cm addon itself would allow for
programmatic folding, hence saving folding

Just my two cents: while Joplin is made to be a coding application first, it should be equally friendly for those that want to put notes in Joplin. One of the reasons I moved to Joplin was because of its encryption. Unfortunately, Joplin doesn't seem to have easy access to features OneNote had - such as using Tab easily, as well as collapsible text. In OneNote, you could collapse any text that was tabbed underneath the text. All you would do would be to double click the left side of the main title and BAM, all text would be collapsed. PLUS, it would stay that way until you un-collapsed it.

This is a misconception that comes up on this forum every now and then. Where did you hear this? Or at least what made you think that Joplin is even suitable for coding?

I read tessus' post that "Please don't forget that Joplin is not a text editor - or at least it is not its main purpose." on this thread. I defaulted to assuming that it was for code, as it does use the markdown editor heavily.

Hmm, for coding one actually use a text editor. :wink:

Well, if you are still interested in folding texts in preview window without typing the html tags, check out this plugin:

For now the format for creating spoilers / folding text is:

Card name here...

Card body text here...