Folding only one paragraph?

I just use Joplin to take notes from a conference, that I didn't do for long. What a surprise to see that there's no way to fold only one paragraph to review the note content. Plus, the interface show a black triangle arrow on the title line that point down, but it's not clickable to fold. What did I miss ?
The current behavior in my opinion is that the arrow allow to fold/unfold the content under the title. Is it possible to have that in Joplin ?

@semiopat welcome to the forum.

What black triangle arrow on the title line are you referring to? I ask as I have never seen such a thing. Are you able to attach a screen shot of the part of the interface you are talking about?

I'm not sure what you mean by reviewing the note in your case, but perhaps the Note list preview plugin can help, as it can display the beginning of the note.

I know of 2 plugins that enable folding in notes (maybe there are others).

The first is CodeMirror6 Settings, which requires activating the beta editor from Joplin's general settings (and toggling code folding in the plugin settings). It works great for headings, paragraphs and list items, but does not save the state of folded sections. So if you switch to a different note and open the note back again, you would need to fold your sections one by one again.

The second is this one, which saves your folding state, and works in the standard markdown editor (not sure that it works in the beta editor at all). One way it works, is by adding a space and a period at the end of the heading you'd like to fold. There is also UI for folding, but I'm not sure it's still working (this plugin is quite old and not maintained).

Thanks for your answer that helped me to investigate. I use the second one, Folding in Code Mirror Editor: 2.0.1* or Persistent text folding in editor (depends on the name of the plugin inside Joplin or the name of its page).

Thanks to you, I send a issue on the page of the plugin, but if you can find some to do, it would be great. In the meantime, I'll try the first one to see if it solves my issue.


it seems that only CodeMirror6 Setting works, but it needs to activate Enable code folding in Extra editor settings (that what you said that I don't understand first). The behavior is a bit different (the un/fold buttons appears in a litlle vertical bar), and in my opinion in a less elegant way, but it works ! Thank you for your help.