Feature Request: drop Electron start using Tauri

Seeking to start using Joplin as a tool for my one-man business i'm sad to see it doesn't work well enough.

Reasons for this are

  1. plugins can stop Joplin from starting
  2. Joplin Appimage froze the entire system
  3. many many open issues
  4. these issues strongly hint at serious memory management issues

I share this as an afterthought while i start looking for a replacement.

Consider to rework Joplin to build on something much more memory safe such as for example: tauri studio

See for more perspectives on Tauri:

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To be fair, most of the open issues have nothing to do with memory management.

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You'd have the exact the same issue with Tauri or any other framework because the issue in your case are buggy plugins. I plan to implement more efficient throttling for this in a coming release.


I have no issues and have 36425 items in Joplin and my Joplin use at the moment round about 420 MB RAM and is running for 3 days.
The extreme consumption is mostly related to plugins

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