Built using Tauri

Tauri has higher performance than electron. It is written in Rust and calls WebView without plugging in a chrome.


Tauri can make sense in some cases, but calling the system webview in something like Joplin would be risky in my personal opinion. For the Linux users for example, you're talking hundreds of different possibilities of WebKitGTK across 10+ years of releases and however many distributions that might be supported, including distributions that might not have a system webview or the user goes out their way to remove it. The problem's less drastic on other platforms, but that still means the WebView on MacOS is nothing like the WebView on Windows for example with completely different compatibilites.

I'm averse to Electron in general but I feel the usage in Joplin is different to the one's I'd usually complain about because Joplin actually fits its model well and the app itself is featureful. When we're talking about the telephony app I've been forced to install at work and is 4 years out of date to do nothing other than show a dialpad and make a call, I'd have a similar opinion and say they should have used OS WebViews.


Thanks for the extra context, Tauri seemed an attractive idea at first sight, but given what you say Electron now appears to me the better fit.