[Feature Request] Add drop-down recently used searches

Could you please add a drop-down box to the search box showing the last N searches used?

I use the text search box a lot instead of relying on tags. Many of my searches are repetitive. I will search for a task, then go to the folder that the task is in (because there are related tasks in that folder), After working on that task, I would like to click the back button "<" to return to my search results, but it's not active for search terms. I have to type in the same search text again to return to my previous location so I can continue my work flow. Thanks!


1/ Have you seen the great plugin "Favorites" ? It make possible to save queries in the left panel.

2/ Try to use your OS clipboard history (Windows button + V on windows, you could pin some searches also).

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I'm actually using that plug-in now! I didn't know it had this ability. I'll research it. Thanks for the help.

What I do to handle this is use Note Overview (plugin) to create saved searches, and then drop those notes into Favorites (plugin) panel.

The reason I don't use only Favorites plugin as @Dino describes to save queries directly is the limitation where clicking the saved query doesn't actually run the search, it only places the search into the Windows clipboard. Using Note Overview plugin as I described above bypasses that issue.


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