Feature/Plugin idea: Tavily/GPT-Researcher integration


For plugin coders looking for a AI related project, I propose to develop a nice integration with Tavily / GPT-Researcher

"GPT Researcher is an autonomous agent designed for comprehensive online research on a variety of tasks.

The agent can produce detailed, factual and unbiased research reports, with customization options for focusing on relevant resources, outlines, and lessons. Inspired by the recent Plan-and-Solve and RAG papers, GPT Researcher addresses issues of speed, determinism and reliability, offering a more stable performance and increased speed through parallelized agent work, as opposed to synchronous operations.

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with accurate, unbiased, and factual information by leveraging the power of AI."

I believe it is an excellent fit for Joplin

I don't know if it's in the scope of Jarvis, so I posted it here to see what y'all think about this idea

Have a nice week friends

AI-powered research is well within my scope of interest. In fact, Jarvis had some rudimentary research capabilities introduced back in March. I didn't have time to upgrade them, but it could be cool at some point. I can see how Travily could be incorporated into Jarvis' research mode, as it has a REST API (PRs are welcome). GPT Researcher, on the other hand, is Python-based and is unlikely to be integrated because of that. We could learn from the way they do things, though, if it's particularly good, and adopt some of these techniques.


PRs... :face_exhaling: I wish I could!
Eye deep into a DevOps bootcamp ATM, so no hope in a foreseeable future :cry:

But Joplin is such an immense help in this endeavor that being able to contribute back to it may become the incentive I was missing to learn JavaScript...