Fatal Error: "Unknown profile version" - 20240303

As I said it earlier:

So..., during the process of searching for a solution of the main problem of this thread, I spent some time and took a look at how things go when one try to restore his/her notes from Joplgin Backup plugin file, I created a new Joplin profile in a new Windows user account and then import my Joplin Backup plugin file, and it works fine and took only some time within 30 minutes. Except I am not sure what will happen if I sync the restored profile with my Dropbox sync file. Will all the notes becomes double or what? This is one thing that I am concerning, I just had a quick search in Joplin forum and something not very pleasant come to my eyeball.

So now I am taking a second look to the worse case scenario as below:

I am still looking forward a easy way out of this rabbit hole.