Fails to sync

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Joplin 2.14.20 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: db7d477f077e4dae8c07a45f7913abdc
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 46
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: cfd98e3

Backup: 1.4.0
Rich Markdown: 0.14.1

Sync target



Rich Text Editor

What issue do you have?

so i have been trying to sync w/ one drive for over a week now. i had an initial size error back when i 1st tried joplin.. i wiped that note out... uninstalled joplin on android. reinstalled.. and left sync off while i imported all of my evernote (which took .. for ever.. lol) .. then in android i turned on onedrive sync -- turned off file attachments (manual). and gave permission to it (from onedrive etc)... and it sat
'syncing' for an entire weekend.. hmm (no errors). now its over a week later.. and its STILL shows the sync arrow.. no new data has arrived.. i thought well.. its not connected.. but no .. those 4 notes from the new android install -- showed up again on my Mac. (welcome to joplin .. etc).. again.. i have zero error msgs. and attachments off (to get around the file size issue for onedrive api).
ideas? i'm stumped.
If i cant get this working i have to ditch joplin... i picked it since evernote is getting increasely expensive (tripled in the last 2 years)... and i already have a commerical one drive account w/ crazy storage..


This might be related to Joplin's lack of support for background sync. See the relevant GitHub issue for details.

Additionally, it should be possible to see the number of synced items under "Configuration" > "Tools" > "Sync Status".

(Thank you for reporting this!)


This looks like my problem: Android sync not working (WebDAV target and 150k items)

It may be wrong or too simple, but please check the status of locks files, for instance here

i'm not sure... i'm not using dropbox so i have no lock file on there..

i read that i have to keep the screen active on my android?? no background sync? that's crazy..
as for total files -- not sure where to see this data - but its under 20k. as it was about 17k on evernote.. so

ty for trying
and for info on sync status
it has ZERO sync'd. no errors.. and the log is basic stuff like maint done
screenshots in next post

does the dev team read this forum?

the last screen, Status, seems to say you have just no other notes than the very few ones created in a default (empty) installation... so Joplin considers there is simply nothing to sync...
(Other than that, demanding a sync interval of 5m seems, to me, very daring if you have lots of notes... Also consider, for instance, that the computer Joplin automatically syncs the note being currently edited anyway...)
One last thing : if you restart a large import, consider activating the backup plugin, and saving regular backups...

ok... so my mac side

seems fine...
i have backups going on there..

should i ..
re upload to sync target?

tia :slight_smile:

well i started the re upload like 3 days ago.. it seemed to be slowly uploading.. but now its stuck at 8910 for the past day...
no idea how to get it to move ahead .. its about ½ way :frowning:

and there's still nothing on android - though idk if it has to 'finish' the upload on the mac 1st.

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