PDF Export is not working

Hi, I’m on windows 10 with the Joplin 1.0.224 Revision: 1899d866 (master) and i found problems trying to export a note to PDF.

Basically, when i confirm the export operation (choose folder and file name and accept) the application do nothing. when I look the console, I see this mesagge:

C:\Program Files\Joplin\resources\app.asar\InteropServiceHelper.js:28 Export HTML result: {warnings: Array(0)}

The message mentions an HTML export but i’m really sure that i choose the right option (pdf).

thanks a lot for your help, regards

Just to confirm, are you able to print a webpage as PDF from Firefox or Chrome?

Thank for the quickly answer.

Yes, i have no issues to print a page as pdf document with Chrome.


Well, motivated from the [RedDocMD] answer, I found the solution . Finally the problem was on the spool printer service. It was stopped but i started it and the export to PDF was OK.

Thanks a lot a again!