Export to Markdown produces HTML file, not .md

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Hi, please help me identify what am I doing wrong...

I want to export a note or a notebook as Markdown (or Markdown + Front Matter). However, what I get it's an HTML file and a "_resources" folder.

What I do is

  • right-click the note
  • choose Export > MD - Markdown (or MD - Markdown + Front Matter)
  • then select the folder where I want to save it

.. the results are only as I described above.


What am I doing wrong?

I cannot replicate this, for me it creates a Markdown file as expected. Could you double-check just in case you miss-clicked and accidentally selected html?

Thank you for answering that quickly. Unfortunately, I am clicking the MD options. I just tried it again (there are hours since I am 'playing' with this :slight_smile: ).

Would it help if I record the screen while I am doing this, upload it to Google Drive (for instance) and send you the link?

Yes that would help. Also make sure the directory you export to is empty before doing so, in case it already some html files inside

This is a video with a short demo of what I am doing...

Following my rule of controlling variables, try making a brand-new note of a couple of paragraphs with the markdown editor and then export to see what you get. Then try the rich text editor.

My guess is: Something is in those Evernote imported notes, as this is not normal behavior. Regardless, this is peculiar behavior.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Indeed, creating a new note (I used the rich text) and exporting it (as MD + FM) produced an .md file (instead of that initial .html file).

You are right, there is something in those exported Evernote notes that causes this peculiar behavior.

What is your guess about this? What might be the problem and how I might be able to export those notes as .md?

Again, I'm no expert, but if you don't need formatting, I'd create a new note in the MD editor and copy and paste the contents into it.

Or, paste into notepad or however you handle plain text, and from there into the rich text editor. That should get rid of whatever managed to get through the transfer.

If you do need formatting, I'd do the same thing with your Rich Text editor. The hope here is that whatever weirdness came from Evernote, won't make the transfer from copy and paste.

In either case, try again with the export.

If those don't help, check back. Worst case we've provided people with more expertise with useful information.

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Did you import your Evernote notes as HTML? Pressing the Note Properties button above the note


will open an info dialog and if it is an HTML note it will show that


I ask as I can duplicate your problem by creating and importing an HTML file as an HTML note. Trying to then export it as Markdown does not convert it to Markdown and it stays as HTML.

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dpoulton, you're right... I did import those Evernotes using the first option (ENEX... as HTML). AND, indeed, when checking the note's properties (in Joplin) it did show as in the image you posted above.

I'll try to import again, using the second option (... as Markdown) and see what happens.

Thank you all for your assistance. I do appreciate it. All the best.

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