Exclusive Lock error/Sync lock error

I was getting the attached image sync lock error on Joplin 2.9.17 on Windows10. There are a couple of other issues in the forum but it seems like they resolved by waiting. I closed both Windows apps (same version) that I use and iOS and waited over an hour. No luck. I also deleted the lock files on my WebDAV server and now I get the below error.
Any suggestions?
I like WebDAV syncing because I can read/edit notes on my phone in addition to my PCs.

Completed: 2023/01/31 16:43 (3s)
Last error: Error: Cannot acquire sync lock: either the lock could be written but not read back. Or it was expired before it was read again.

Joplin 2.9.17 (prod, win32)
Client ID: 6976eee43b934880b0cbbba9e02b678a
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: a84a8e7


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Realized I didn't attach the image of the first error.


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