"exceeds max file size"

I thought this must be a common error and searched support but found nothing to my surprise.
What can be done to correct these sort of errors?

Items that cannot be synchronised

These items will remain on the device but will not be uploaded to the sync target. In order to find these items, either search for the title or the ID (which is displayed in brackets above).

img_20190531_124430.274.jpg (06a2c0dec17714114d34823d8920131c) could not be uploaded: Resource exceeds OneDrive max file size (4MB)

IMG_20190316_112044.jpg (61f77de65e7ee87f4c6010c860a8a154) could not be uploaded: Resource exceeds OneDrive max file size (4MB)

IMG_20190316_112122.jpg (6244d64b93c7277ce5fb49a3212ba54f) could not be uploaded: Resource exceeds OneDrive max file size (4MB)

On the Joplin web site in section Known Bugs it says the following:

It is only possible to upload files of up to 4MB to OneDrive due to a limitation of the API being currently used. There is currently no plan to support OneDrive “large file” API.

This error is not all that common (50-60 attachments), but is sufficeint that I would consider using another cloud provider.
Unfortunately it means that OneDrive is not very useful.
Notes dont take up all that much space so a free account with another cloud should be all that is required.
Which cloud service works the best with Joplin? Thank you
I want something that works all the time and not most of the time.

I am aware of this thread " Best sync option".
Is there others that you could recommend?

I use Dropbox which has always worked for me, I think lot’s of people use next cloud.

I tried Syncthing and it seemed ok on the PC to sync from Joplin to the sync folder. My tablet however crapped out on the original sync about half way through and I couldn’t get it work, having multiple problems. Most probably related to my not knowing what I was doing, but still, I’ve made a living as a computer consultant for over 30 years, so I’m not peculiarly ignorant.

Anyway, setup a free dropbox account and quickly got my tablet, phone and computers in sync. It works shockingly well. So well in fact, that I started using it to sync my Keepass databases as well.

Dropbox seems really really good at syncing.