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Example of good looking note-taking apps?


I think https://www.inkdrop.info is nice. It also written in elctron + react


Agree, it’s just yet another app to add to you monthly expenses. Nah…


My two cents - as Joplin is a replacement of evernote this also should be mentioned:

My list of nice apps/editors

  • evernote (look not useability)
  • leanote.org
  • also I do like bear

Thanks for also take care of the UI !!


some great examples so far. I will add mine. an app I did like before I discovered Joplin: elephant. again inspired by the famous proprietary note app we all want to get away from. but this layou is efficient and logical.

for me one feature which is also part of teh look is teh ‘dark’ mode seen on several of the examples. most of the time I find them too dark and prefer something close to 18% grey or lighter


Personally, I really like the UI of https://www.notion.so/.
Very clean and at the same time very complete/useable.

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I use Lifeograph in addition to Joplin–just put them to slightly different uses. Lifeograph has an interface that is rather idiosyncratic and I’ve come to appreciate a number of its quirks (innovations?). That might not be apparent from the images in their page of screenshots but here you go, some food for thought: http://lifeograph.sourceforge.net/wiki/Screenshots


As an overall app, personally I like the minimalistic design of Simplenote.

One feature from Simplenote I would love to see in Joplin is, when searching, to highlight in the body of text the matching occurrences of the searched string like in the titles.


I like the immediate preview of markdown format/attributes that Bear and Typora provide. This would be most favorable for me to get rid of the two pane display (editor/preview).


One great thing would be to have a little pane with the 10 last visited or edited notes.
It’s because i always work on several notes and switching from one to another is not easy when you have many.
And notes could be in the notebooks’s tree pannel (as an option).

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@fanch I think there’s already a feature request open to go back and forth between notes. there’s also one open to save the cursor position.


FWIW, I think your existing UI design is pretty good. Some more color would be nice, especially for tags though.

I came from myNoteX, so the Joplin UI was a big step forward for me. :slight_smile:


In addition to the mentioned apps, I would like to have the ability to config folders and tags regarding

  • color
  • background color
  • icon for each tag/folder
    in combination with the FR to group tags that would be very awesome and in my opinion good looking …

But anyway at the moment a very reliable app!


I really liked how Zettlr does ToC: they’re not in the text itself, but as a handy button in the toolbar. So when I want to jump around in the doc while editing, it’s always just two clicks away, no scrolling to the Table of Contents.

And come to think of it, this might also be a good approach to something like ‘10 recently edited notes’ - a separate pane would just end up taking up space. If it were a toolbar button, that lists the notes when clicked and jumps to them with another click, that’d be cool.


There was a mention of (Google) Keep Notes supporting markdown soon-ish on Neowin iirc.


This is actually a very good idea. I’ll update my github issue and add it.

But I’d rather see a shortcut option (instead of or additionally to to the toolbar button mouse click). Also, it should be possible to navigate the TOC entries by keyboard and hit enter at the correct position to jump to the heaeder in the note.

Also not a bad idea. Maybe this could be added to the current roadmap. It looks like a usability item so who knows.


Typora es beautiful, I currently use as external editor on Windows app

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Do you? I found it quite buggy a few months ago, to the point I couldn’t even use it for simple editing. Maybe I should give it another go sometime…


New to Joplin but I have to say it’s pretty nice but only tried iOS apps so far.

If we’re throwin out what we like iA Writer keyboard and writing environment and use of Markdown is amazing and elegant. I love the setup of S. Note for overall use and organization and look.

Notion is also and awesome app for use of formulas and batch data and connection to other notes to transfer data.

Looking forward to what Joplin becomes on iOS


Autocomplete when entering tags (in the form of a dropdown that appears as you type) is an awesome feature on many of these UIs


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