Evernote in trouble?

Since many of us have used EN in one way or another, this might interest some:

Looks like Evernote has been in trouble for some times. They’ve increased their prices because they were losing money, and now it seems they are lowering them down because they’re about to close shop.

this looks like the beginnig of a long and slown end for a tool that was so great 3years ago with many features and tools.

I think they got their business model all wrong.

It is ok charging a fee for premium features but when you suddenly move features that have always been available for years on the basic plan to a very expensive premium plan, all in an attempt to force people to upgrade, it often smacks of blackmail and you end up alienating your core users.

Little wonder, a lot of us have jumped ship.


Evernote is my default answer when I think about bad examples for software subscriptions.

Over the years I have been using it (+5 years) its core feature set did not change in any meaningful way and until today it still has no answer for people who want to take math notes. (Their notes are HTML-based. Is adding KaTeX really that hard??)
I essentially paid only for its syncing service (which I could do cheaper over Dropbox/Nextcloud/whatever), occasional design re-brandings (meh! same with Dropbox!) and their CEO's salary. Aside from their initial startup phase I doubt that they ever had a big team to continue their app's development. It has been in low-maintenance/cash-cow mode for a couple of years now. :unamused:

An honest business model for Evernote would have been selling a perpetual license and then let the users sync own their own.