Error: PUT Unknown error 2 (507):


while syncing I got this error message:

Error: PUT Unknown error 2 (507):

What's the meaning of it and what can I do to solve it?

Many thanks in advance for your support!

Version: Joplin 2.7.15 (prod, win32)
syncing with: webdav
operating system: Windows 10

It's the WebDAV error code (507) of insufficient storage.

Thanks for your answer.

The WebDAV storage place has lot of space left - thus, it's rather not the reason for this issue.
Maybe the 328... .md object is not big to be stored to this WebDAV destination?
If I'm right here how could I get hold of this 328... .md file or note (?) to get reduced in size?

Being an .md file suggests it could be a note rather than attachment unless you have been attaching .md files.

You could try creating a new note and adding the link:


and seeing what it opens.....

Thanks for helping.
Tried anyname but result is that the "ID-Number" (?), e,g, 32863486eb8246a6b56d3b1eddfd15e9, is changing after each synch trial.
Canceling these notes (behind this ID-numbers like 32863486eb8246a6b56d3b1eddfd15e9) is not a solution for the actual issue.

What else could I try to get the syncing run error free?

Many thanks in advance.

If the note referenced by 32863486eb8246a6b56d3b1eddfd15e9 is not that big and if each time you sync you get a 507 error for a different note I can only suggest that you consider the 507 error itself. By that I mean check that your webdav server actually has (or can access) the available storage space you think it has. Additionally, the server may have lots of space but the webdav account itself may have a much smaller quota.

Thanks again for helping.
I guess you are likely right regarding the actual quota of my webdav account.
Solution I took is/was to reduce the Notebook size by deleting content ... and now no error 507 anymore.

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